Mangrove Wealth Group Workshops; The Business of Managing Wealth and how Clients Must Control It

Fifty one year old Todd Lynch sat at the kitchen table holding his head in frustration as he poured over his tax returns and statements. “I have an investment advisor, an accountant, an insurance broker, a banker and several lawyers that I deal with and I feel overwhelmed and more confused than before I had all of these people supposedly managing my money. I need to get a handle on my wealth plan for my retirement before it’s too late.”
Todd’s story is a typical trend that caught the attention of Executive Director-Private Client Group Jad Chehlawi and Senior Investment Advisor Michael Sanson at Hollis Wealth – a division of Scotia Capital Inc. They are part of one of the largest wealth management teams in Oakville; Mangrove Wealth Group.
For the last decade, Jad has been immersed in the world of wealth management. He holds the following designations: Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Chartered Investment Manager (CIM), Chartered International Wealth Manager (CIWM) and he is a Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute (FCSI), the highest honour in Canadian financial services. Michael Sanson is a Chartered Investment Manager who focuses on investment management, tax planning and personal and business wealth integration. As a former business owner, Michael has a wealth of management expertise and understands the challenges faced by business owners and retirees.
Combining their expertise, the two advisors have created a proven wealth management system that puts people like Todd Lynch back in the driver’s seat to manage and control their own wealth.  “In every single case, whether we were dealing with vast amounts of wealth or small amounts, our clients suffered from a malady I call, The Disappearing Wealth Syndrome (DWS),” explains Jad. “You’ll know if you are suffering from The Disappearing Wealth Syndrome as you begin to feel that no matter how many experts you surround yourself with, you increasingly feel that you’re losing control of your wealth. It’s like building a house and using five architects and no one is communicating with each other.  There’s no big picture planning and no commitment or time dedicated to creating an integrated strategy. Understandably, there’s an unprecedented amount of skepticism about who you can trust with your money. It’s imperative that the client creates the blueprint on which the financial experts execute; not the other way around.”
Some people may be intimidated by the idea of controlling their financial future, but Jad and Michael had developed a proven three-step approach called the Hierarchy of Control to teach clients how to take control of their wealth plan. Frankly, it’s as easy as one, two, three.
Step one begins with clients uncovering their true vision.  “We ask questions that clients have likely never been asked before to discover what is truly important to them,” explains Jad. “We control the relevance by asking customers why—why do they want this or that? What matters most to them? We strive to find a comfort level so a client can open up to us and share their vision.  Step two is to shape every necessary outcome by controlling the execution of the plan and asking the question how—how will this plan be executed? Our advisors help define what needs to be tracked for accountability. This is a necessary step to make sure that every hired expert is delivering value.”
Life will always throw us a few curve balls—markets rally and dive, tax policies change, client’s situations evolve. Step three involves teaching clients to identify potential threats and diversions which may throw them off course. The Adaptive Action Plan prepares clients to deal with the unexpected. “After this three-step process, clients are now equipped to work with their current team or we can put together a new dynamic team,” says Jad. “We are completely independent from predefined solutions or agendas and can help clients unlock their vision and work toward reaching their goals. Clients who attend our workshops leave with the confidence and knowledge of how to take back control of their life and does that ever feel good.”
Three upcoming seminars are being held at the Credit Valley Golf and Country Club in Mississauga. Create Financial Independence takes place on October 1st at 7 p.m. for people with a minimum portfolio of $250,000, Protect Your Retirement Lifestyle and Legacy is a breakfast meeting on October 4 at 10 a.m., geared to people planning for retirement with a minimum portfolio of $500,000 and a lunch workshop will also be held the same day at noon called Enhance Your Business and Personal Wealth (minimum portfolio $1 million). Jad and Michael will be guest speakers along with Robert Leombruno CA, CPA. To reserve your seat for an upcoming workshop and take the first step to managing your wealth, call 289-291-3321 or 1800-00000.  For more information visit