Corporate Communications

A unique combination of expertise in Journalism, Marketing and Public Relations

I work with several clients on a freelance basis.  From drafting a media release to preparing full-scale strategic marketing and communication plans, no job is too big or too small. As the saying goes, “No man (or woman) is an island”. Working in tandem with business leaders, together we can achieve communication goals.

Here are a few of the clients I have worked with in the past and am currently working with:

•  Mangrove Investments/Hollis Wealth in Oakville (corporate communications) – view article here

•  PRM Mediation Services, Mississauga (web content writing) 

•  The Humber School of Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism (media liaison)

•  Metroland Media (blog writer/video script writer and co-ordinator)

Previously I served as media liaison officer for Elections Canada in Alberta during a Federal election. I have a wide breadth of experience having worked on public relations or marketing campaigns for several hotels, restaurants, a theatre, bank, as well as working with politicians and a political party. As the former Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Stage West Theatre Restaurants in Edmonton and Mississauga, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with such high profile celebrities as Jamie Farr, Mickey Rooney, Bernie Koppell from The Love Boat and many others. As well I did event planning and organized events as large as the two-day Toronto Elvis Festival at Stage West Mississauga.

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