Thinking About Ireland

Lucky to have visited Ireland! Today I am green with envy. Green because I would so love to visit Ireland again, yet feeling lucky enough to have toured Ireland a few years ago.  Not only is Ireland a breathtakingly beautiful country, the Irish people must be the friendliest people I have ever met in all of my travels.  I was on assignment with Goodlife Magazine,
I’d like to share my story. If you haven’t been to Ireland; you need to go! Soon! I will be having some green beer today and dreaming of Ireland as I look at the photos!

Cuba Cruise Extraordinaire

I just returned from a trip with Cuba Cruise. It was a great cruise which offers a unique way to really explore Cuba by visiting several ports. It’s like an all-inclusive that moves, offering great food and service but a chance to really experience Cuban life. You can choose to take one of the many interesting and well-organized Cuba Cruise excursions (such as Cuba Life, city tours or snorkeling) or  say yes to one of the many locals who greet you at each port, offering to take you on a city tour in a bicycle cart, a horse and buggy, or a walking tour. Just be sure to negotiate the fee upfront.
In Havana, our young, athletic-looking tour guide cycled us past the Capitol building and other historic sites, pointing out each site on a worn laminated placemat.
“Mojito?” he asked.
The next thing we knew we were in a Havana club drinking icy cold, mint-infused Mojitos, taking pictures with our guide under the large photo of Hemingway. We had a similar experience in Santiago de Cuba on a walking tour with a local guide. Walking down a dusty, narrow street we stopped to listen to the sweet musical sounds coming from an upstairs window. It was almost impossible not to break out the salsa moves we had learned the day before during the free salsa lessons on the ship!
Up the weather-beaten stone steps we climbed to the second-level club to discover a Cuban band performing in the middle of the afternoon while locals demonstrated their salsa moves. We happily plunked down on the wine-barrel seats, thirsty and parched,  yet somehow suddenly revived  by the music and yes, more Mojitos.  It’s a good thing our guide managed to get us back to the ship on time before we set sail for yet another day of adventure in Cuba!
If you really want to see Cuba, set sail with Cuba Cruise!