Magazine & Newspaper Articles

Articles written under my name as well as my pen name Maureen Scott.

As an avid reader, I have piles of clippings of newspaper articles, ads, brochures and anything that tweaks my interest and I feel might make a good story idea.  I read, I watch, I listen and ideally, I tell. I tell other people’s stories. Stories that inspire me and hopefully inspire others.  I pitch ideas. If I am curious to know more, I believe others are as well. Often people or companies have great stories to tell. They just need to know how to tell them, how to put thoughts on paper and how to share those stories or ideas with the world.  That’s my job.  As a public relations professional with decades of experience, I know how to write media releases or blogs that get noticed.  As a journalist, I know how to ask the right questions and then listen to what a person is really saying to get that story.

For several years, I have been writing stories for Goodlife Magazine, a high end, glossy magazine with a focus on living the good life.  Aspirational stories about people, places, products that readers want. Stories of extraordinary people who inspire us with their mission or life’s work.

Check the links below for a few samples of those stories I have written for Goodlife, with thanks to Goodlife Magazine, Mississauga,


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